Water Treatment

AJAX Mechanical offers a wide variety of water treatment options.  Check them out and then contact us for the best possible water in your home and business.

Water Softening »

Fleck Softener

Ajax is proud to offer Ultima brand water softener systems. Designed to soften hard water, Ultima will increase the life expectancy of your faucets, showerheads, and dishwashers by removing calcium from the system


Scale Blaster

Condition water without use of salt. Scale Blaster is specifically designed to aid in the removal of scale buildup in the pipes of a hard water area. This unit will actually remove the crusty scale from a faucet or tub spout. These are very effective additions to on demand hot water units. Save on labor because they are quick and easy to install.


Nimbus Water Systems

Hauling 5 gallon water jugs into the store and having it splash around in the car getting on your nerves? Buying cases and cases of bottled water irritating you? Consider the long term financial benefit of installing a reverse osmosis system in your home. High quality, great tasting, clean water from your kitchen is possible.

Are you on a well system and need some home prefilters for your system? These filters remove major pieces of sediment and some minerals to allow for clean water to wash clothes and dishes.

UV lights kill bacteria in water that can cause sickness and disease from well systems. Ajax can test water for bacteria and make the best recommendation for treatment.

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